Fashion: Coats, boots and jewellery

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Coats and boots – whether they are suitable only for winter?

Many women look forward to the winter so that they can finally wear their beloved coats again. However, why only in the winter? Many women think that coats are too warm in the summer and therefore unusable. However, there are specially designed for the summer coats, which are called summer coats. For those who do not believe that, there is the possibility to rent a summer coat times in the clothing business of choice.

The jackets are now available almost everywhere. In contrast to a protective trouser, you can wear many clothes like boots in the summer. With boots however, you should make it, that they have many air vents, so you do not sweat feet. This is mainly ensured at Geox boots, because they are much ventilated – the shoe that breathes. However, you should buy both summer coats and boots not only by appearance. One should pay extremely special in shoes, and then you have to walk around with this for some time yet. Rather you should buy a half size larger than that of the shoe.

Fashion shoes and accessories

Combine your short skirts in summer with ballet flats, sandals or – if you belong to the sporty women – with sneakers. Even with high heels, you are always well dressed. In winter, fit ankle boots, ankle boots or knee-high boots just adapted to the style of the miniskirt, perfectly. These are a few chic accessories, such as necklaces or bracelets that give your outfit the perfect touch, which to emphasize your personality and in this way you to look perfect.

Jewellery Trends – Jewellery for all occasions

A chain around the neck or a brooch on clothing only makes the outfit complete. Swarovski with its famous fashion jewellery is a testament to resistant strive for beauty and perfection. The company is so innovative that it sets new standards in contemporary jewellery design. Each season, new colours and pieces are added by unmistakable quality. Experienced jewellery lovers recognize this label immediately.